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So today was like riding a roller coaster for me.

I was excited about going to work because my best friends were going to visit Bali Safari & Marine Park where I work at. I handed them my employee voucher so they could get discount, and it was a real deal. Things were cheaper by ten thousands rupiah.

So I went to the office, and my supervisor told me I was going to do a tour guide during Safari Journey for Julien Kang and Park Eunji show (they said it’s for MBCEvery1). Basically because I speak random Korean aside of English, haha. My three friends (co-workers) and I were sooooo excited about seeing him! We basically like him so we wish to see him in the flesh. I was told that Julien was scheduled to arrive at 1:30 pm, watch Bali Agung Show and Elephant Show and have dinner at Tsavo Lion Restaurant. Hearing this, I instantly volunteered myself to become the MC for the second elephant show. I knew somehow Julien was going to be invited onto the stage so my cunning mind told me I got to be there doing the MC so I could see him by millimeter! I didn’t even care about the fact that I did the animal show too in the morning (usually one girl only does one show per day) and got tired and all. I just want to see Julien hahaha ^^

So I waited after escorting my two friends to the places they needed to visit. They were super happy, not because of Julien news but because they enjoyed the park hahaha. I waited until 4 pm, and I decided I wasn’t going to do the guide because I had to be ready for the show at 4:30 pm. Then he came! At 4 pm, so dazzlingly handsome he arrived at the park. I asked my friend to do the guiding and I went to prepare for the elephant show after Julien and the crews went for Safari Journey.

I was worried that Julien would be late because of the 30-minute Safari Journey. I was glad that he came right before the show began! So I did the show quite happily, “Ah I finally will get to invite him up here!”

So blah blah and blah blah, I invited Julien and the two ahjumma onto the stage. The ahjumma couldn’t speak English so Julien kindly translated my sentences for them. I asked them to line up in front of the elephant for the crowning.

When it was Julien’s turn, I said, “OK, Della, this is our third participant and the most handsome one among the three!” to the elephant, and Julien laughed hearing this. He was so happy when the elephant crowned him with the flower wreath.

Then I said, “Don’t go anywhere just yet, because you are the last participant, you are very lucky. Della has another special gift for you.”

Julien kindly asked me back (which is rarely done by the participant), “Why am I lucky?”

I said, “Because you’re the last participant, hahaha!” I barely remember what I said after that but it was roughly like this…

Me: “Mmm… your name is Julien Kang, right?”
JK: *smiling*
Me: “I know you.”
JK: “Oh! You know me??” *surprised* that surprised look itself was really amusing…
Me: “I know you so well… hahaha… so where are you from?”
JK: “Korea.”

I pretended not to know and asked, “Julien from Korea. So how come you speak very good English?”
JK: “Because I grew up in Canada.”

Then I asked him to close his eyes, which he did very cautiously and curiously. Della, the elephant, then kissed him on the cheek with her trunk. Julien squirmed a little.

Me: “So how does it feel?”
JK: “My face turns red!”
Me: “Oh, really? I don’t think so, hahaha. So are you shy?”
JK: “Yeah…”
Me: “So what do you think about the elephant?”
JK: “It’s very sweet. Thank you…” he waved to the elephant next to us.

I asked the audience to give the participants applause, then I asked him for a handshake. Julien agreed, we shook hands, and then I forgot to ask them to return to their seats. Some people in the tribune yelled, “Kiss, kiss, kiss!”

I looked up at Julien and he quietly asked, “How about a hug?” this was something only I could hear since Julien had no microphone on, and I was like “Is it okay? I can??” then he hugged me, only briefly, but it was enough to make me melted. When he let me go the elephant (who is always moody) snorted and Julien said, “Oh, she’s jealous!” it was so funny of him. Then I shouted to the microphone stupidly (hahaha), “It’s the best show ever!”

Then the show ended and I was kinda waiting for him to return. Julien passed, I thought it was my last chance for pictures, so I yelled at his back, “Julien Kang! Can I take picture with you??” he quickly turned his back and said, “Of course!” and kindly approached me. He even waited for me to climb onto the logs so I could be taller (LOL) but a-not-so-nice-Korean-lady kept telling him, “Quickly!” in Korean. Julien told her to be patient and didn’t leave me and my friends who asked for the picture. How nice! Then he left and we said bye bye thank you etc whatever I don’t remember because I was sooooooooooooooooo… overjoyed. At the end my friends were happy to because they also had their picture taken with Julien ^^

This memory of a very nice Julien Kang, I hope MBC will air it and I can watch it! ^^


[HQ Fantaken] BLUEMOON Manila - Lee JongHyun 

taken by @Luv4M @ weibo


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I need tumblr friends who are addicted to QAF so we can fangirl cause fangirling by yourself isn’t that fun….

Meet me who is still into it even after 13 years have passed since its first season! ><


Brian Kinney + Wifebeaters

Brian Kinney is still alive even in 2013.

[FANDRAMA] Kang Mireu x Han Taesun (Kim Woobin x Lee Jongsuk)

Resources: Secret Garden (2010) White Christmas (2011)

Storyline: Kang Mireu is Han Taesun (Ssun) secret stalker. He’d just do anything to see him, and Ssun is more than aware of him being tailed. Mireu sees Ssun isn’t bothered by his action and decides to come out of the box. Ssun reveals the fact that he’s gay, and Mireu, taken aback at the beginning, now believes that he has a chance to be more than just a stalker. Ssun spends some playful time with Mireu and grows attracted to him. Ssun asks Mireu if he likes him, and gives his all once he discovers Mireu’s feelings for him. Of course, Mireu doesn’t turn down the offer Ssun gives him. They spend some time apart, with Mireu promises Ssun to stay forever by his side. Will he remember this promise?

Dedicated to the dedicated fans of Han Taesun (Lee Jongsuk) and Kang Mireu (Kim Woobin) who wish to see them together, even if it’s just something I made up.


This 5-star hotel in Nusa Dua area has confirmed since March 1 that Kim Woobin was going to check in there (but the period of staying is unknown). The hotel staff are warned not to take picture or disturb the guest’s privacy. The staff only said this hotel has wedding chapel too, and doesn’t know if Woobin is going to have a photoshoot there or not. She expressed her hope that if he does, that would be good for the hotel’s reputation.

Kim Woobin Undressing Hong Jonghyun???

Woobin: “That punk…”
Jonghyun: “…Help me.”
Woobin: *undressing Jonghyun*

ME: …………. WTH……….. O_____O

Kim Woobin and His “Bully” Habit

Kim Donghyub and Park Heungsoo sure have same taste lol